From the moment you call you will experience the difference of gentle and personalized care. Our friendly and highly trained staff will make you and your entire family feel right at home. You will appreciate the warm and caring manner of uniquely accomplished dental practitioners with everything provided in a superior clinical and diagnostic setting. 

Patient speak with dental team member

Each doctor spends personal time with you on your first and recall exams. Our doctors and hygienists take the time to listen, explain, and care for you. A thorough review of systems is done to understand your medical health and its relationship to your oral health. A comprehensive oral evaluation is performed which includes periodontal examination, oral cancer screening, dental cavities exam, bite analysis, cosmetic evaluation, and radiographic exam.

Our office follows the strictest sterilization policies to ensure your safety. Our procedures meet the highest standards and we use heat sterilization to ensure your protection. Disposable materials are used whenever possible and are thrown away immediately after use. 

Things to bring with you on your first visit:

  • Your insurance card
  • Any recent x-rays- digital copies are best for highest diagnostic quality
  • Any questions or concerns about your health or smile for us to resolve together​​
5 Questions to ask your Dentist

Hi, I am Dr. Scott Pearl. And today, I’d like to talk about five questions patients should ask their dentist.

What new technology do you have?

In our office, every year, we plan on what new technology we should invest in to make the patient experience better. Our latest technology is the newest CEREC scanner so that we can make crowns, onlays, and other restorations in our office in one visit. And also, take all kinds of impressions to avoid goopy uncomfortable impressions.
Other new technology we have is Cone Beam Imaging to better plan for root canals and implants. And we have new technology for treating gum disease, including lasers.

What do you do for continuing education?

Both my dad and I are very active in continuing education. We are often reading journals, attending continuing education seminars, and very often watching continuing education videos at home. My dad’s a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, and I’m a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, which means we have taken a lot of continuing education to try to stay up to date, and really every part of general dentistry as general dentists, we have to be knowledgable and skilled in every dental discipline.

What can you offer for dental anxiety?

We often see patients with dental anxiety—patients who are so fearful of the dentist that they are even so fearful to come to the dental office. And one of the most rewarding aspects of being a dentist is being able to complete a treatment plan and get patients to no longer have their fear and happily come to the office. So we offer local anesthesia for every patient and nitrous oxide; laughing gas is also very effective for some people. Other people get varying levels of oral sedation, and my dad can even offer IV sedation.

How do you handle dental emergencies?

I think one of the distinguishing features of our office is how promptly we see dental emergencies. I would say just about 99% of the time we see emergencies on the same day.
And we try to squeeze in patients and at least get people out of pain or address the urgent problem as soon as we can. And also, we have after-hour phone coverage, and we are pretty much always available.

What can I do at home to help my oral health?

Well, I think our team of hygienists are really great at helping patients come up with a home routine to care of their teeth and gums. We have a list of recommended products that we provide patients, and we can customize cleaning aids and routines for each patient to help that patient the best.

Thank you.

Financial Information

How to pay for dental care should not be an obstacle to receiving your optimal oral health. For the convenience of our patients, we accept the following:

  • PDC Membership Plan Our annual membership plan that includes preventive care and savings on dental treatment
  • Dental Insurance – Our trained staff can assist with any dental insurance claim or question you may have. Insurance is billed for you.
  • CareCredit – Whether you have dental insurance or not, many services are not covered. CareCredit is a credit card exclusive for healthcare services. Once you are approved, you will be able to use CareCredit for no interest or low interest financing for all your healthcare needs. One of our front desk staff members can help answer any questions you may have and assist in enrollment. ​
  • Personal Checks and Cash
  • Apple Pay
  • All major credit cards

Membership Plan

We have created the PDC Plan for patients without dental insurance. The plan ensures you receive the best care at an affordable price.

The PDC Plan offers you unlimited dental care with no maximums or denials. By choosing the PDC Prevention Plan you and your family can expect quality and affordable care with our customized service each and every visit.

Membership Plans:





Spouse of member



Kids (under 26) of member

$275.00 each

Enrollment with the PDC Plan for one year will include:

  • 2 cleanings per year
  • 2 annual oral examinations by the dentist
  • All necessary x-rays and cavity detection images
  • 2 oral cancer screenings
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments
  • 15% discount on
    • Fillings
    • Crowns
    • Root canal therapy
    • Periodontal therapy
    • Dentures
    • Includes the PDC warranty on all work
*Payment is due at the date of service
** Plan does not cover care performed at offices of specialists

Added Plan Bonus

  • 15% off Oral Surgery
  • $750 off Invisalign
  • $75 off Nightguards
  • $75 off Perio Protect
  • $30 off additional cleanings beyond the 2 included