Lasers support less fear, faster healing, precision dentistry

Pearl Dental Care blends a warm and inviting team and surroundings with advanced technologies to eliminate or minimize the use of many common dental fear and anxiety sources. These “triggers” include the sights, sensations, sounds, and smells associated with conventional dental instruments and products (like dental drills). Laser dentistry administered by our father-son dentist team, Drs Gary and Scott Pearl in Hamden, Connecticut, is: 

  • Less post-op pain
  • Fast
  • Not invasive 
  • Gentle and light-touch
  • Tooth- and tissue-preserving (conservative dentistry)
  • Precise 
  • Appropriate for fearful or anxious patients 
  • Versatile 
  • Promotes natural healing 
  • Minimizes the risk of post-treatment complications and side effects 
Laser dentistry

Shedding light on laser dentistry

Laser devices in the capable hands of our dentists precisely and safely deliver therapeutic light. Lasers are used for a variety of different medical applications and across a variety of other disciplines. In dentistry and other fields, laser technology acts as a heat source. The heat generated by the energy from laser light can be applied in a highly controlled and targeted manner to manipulate both hard tissues (such as the teeth) and soft tissues (like the gums). 

Due to the versatile nature of laser dentistry, treatment assisted by such technology is appropriate for many different types of patients across a broad spectrum of needs. These “needs” include: 

  • To eradicate bacteria and sterilize the mouth
  • To “prepare” the tooth for restorative treatments such as fillings
  • To remove diseased periodontal (gum) tissue
  • And for reshaping of the gums to create a more “balanced” smile

Regardless of our patient’s specific needs, they appreciate that laser-assisted dentistry is associated with minor discomfort before and during the procedure. Since the process is so light-touch and non-invasive, patients tolerate it well and resulting in little to no pain. As such, often less anaesthesia can be used. 

This feature is helpful because lingering numbness from anaesthetic can be uncomfortable and disruptive to eating and drinking. It also eliminates or minimizes the related “pinch” when administering pain-relieving medication to the treatment site. Such “shots” are a common trigger among patients with apprehension about dental procedures. 

Generally, less invasive techniques also promote the preservation of maximal natural tissue and result in less undesirable side effects (such as bleeding) as there is no cutting with instruments or drilling away natural tooth material. Such precision approaches also minimize patients’ amount of time “chairside” and support quick healing. Experience our advanced, technology-assisted approach to dentistry. Please Call (203) 285-8245 to schedule an appointment at Pearl Dental Care in Hamden, serving North Haven, Woodbridge, East Haven, Cheshire, Wallingford, and greater New Haven County.

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