Emergency dental care provides peace of mind and prompt resolution of pain

Dental fillings are a go-to treatment to resolve cavities. Professional teeth whitening lifts stains. Dental implants are used to restore missing teeth. Each of these treatments and the respective categories that they fall into (restorative, cosmetic, tooth replacement) have relatively straightforward goals. They are designed to address the specific concerns at hand, from tooth decay to yellow teeth to gaps in the smile. 

Emergency dentistry is different; it does not mean any specific or single concern, condition, service, or treatment. Instead, if it is a concern to you, it is a concern to our team at Pearl Dental Care in Hamden, Connecticut. Keep our phone number handy on your phone, and be sure to contact us ASAP. At Pearl Dental Care, we understand how quickly a dental emergency can derail your plans, which is why we reserve time in our day for emergencies, building time into our schedules to prioritize visits by needs and promptly see our urgent cases. Additionally, we offer flexible appointment times, including weekend and evening hours.

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We’ve provided just a few reasons why patients have called us at odd hours and as needs have arisen for immediate treatment at our practice. Below, our dentists, Drs Gary and Scott Pearl have also included a few pointers on what you can do at home and before you arrive at our office: 

  • Ouch, my aching tooth! – You can ease toothaches in the interim with warm water. Rinse your mouth and floss to lift any food particles that can cause further irritation to the tooth. 
  • Teeth marred by fractures – Again, rinse with warm water. Apply an ice pack or cold compress to aid in reducing any swelling or discomfort that may be present in the affected area. If parts of the tooth have broken off, save and gently clean them. Bleeding? Apply pressure to the site with gauze. 
  • A lost tooth – If your tooth gets knocked out during sports or as the result of a fall, take care to handle it by the crown (the white part that is usually visible above the gums). Rinse the root carefully, assuring that the attached tissue remains intact. If you can replace the tooth in its socket without forcing it, do so. Otherwise, store the dislodged tooth in a container filled with milk or full of water with a trace of table salt added to it.
  • Lost dental restorations – In these cases, over-the-counter dental cement or denture adhesive can be quite helpful to hold a damaged crown in place or fill the cavity. Even toothpaste or sugar-free gum can do the trick in the moments between home and a visit to our practice. 
  • Oral infections – Abscesses are a severe type of infection characterized by a pus-filled bubble or swelling at the gum line. The swelling can spread to other parts of the face. To prevent systemic infection, seek immediate care. If problems with breathing or swallowing accompany these symptoms, this is a medical emergency. To temporarily ease pain, rinse with saltwater. Once you get to our practice, we can immediately relieve painful pressure and other symptoms and get you back on the road to health and a comfortable, confident smile. 

When in doubt about a problem tooth, call us at (203) 285-8245! Our team is available when the “worst” arises, and we are happy to provide peace of mind. Pearl Dental Care is conveniently located in Hamden and serves individuals and families throughout New Haven County – including North Haven, Woodbridge, East Haven, Cheshire, and Wallingford.

Actual Patients Before and After Results

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