Advanced and well-fitting dentures boost your smile appeal and quality of life

At Pearl Dental Care, we encourage you to rethink your perception of dentures. If you associate dentures with ill-fitting, uncomfortable, fake-looking “false teeth,” Drs Gary and Scott Pearl are happy to acquaint you with their precision denture options and exacting approach to planning and designing your new teeth in Hamden, Connecticut. 

Dr. Gary working with a dental model

The power of the perfect fit!

Dentures have traditionally been associated with complaints about sores on the inside of the mouth and teeth that tend to slide around when speaking or eating. Additionally, earlier-generation dentures may have looked a little too big or a little too white and with equally fake-looking “false” gum tissue. These problems are rooted in a poor fit. Each patient’s experience with their dentures comes down to replacing teeth and gum tissue suited to fit your mouth’s exact specifications. When dentures fit the contours of your mouth well, they don’t slide around. Your satisfaction with the denture is retained because you can eat, laugh, speak, and smile confidently and comfortably. 

Our dentists use advanced diagnostics, such as digital imaging to plan your new teeth. These technologies are precise and accurate. They support our technical skills in restorative dentistry. Additionally, we use quality materials to rebuild teeth and gum tissue in a way where the denture is as attractive and natural-looking in appearance as it is strong, functional, and long-lasting. The prosthetic teeth and gum tissue are perfectly color-matched to blend in attractively with the rest of your face, such as the whites of your eyes. The new teeth and gums that we design are never overly white and fake-looking, for instance. 

Advanced systems

Besides, patients have various options to choose from when it comes to the design of their dentures. In addition to “conventional” yet well-fitting partial and complete dentures, at Pearl Dental Care, we also offer immediate dentures and implant-retained dentures. The former option involves extracting and replacing teeth in one visit. You never have to be seen in public with gaps in your smile by placing an interim or provisional denture immediately following the extractions. Likewise, you get a jump start on adjusting to eating, speaking, and otherwise using your new teeth. Once the extraction sites have healed, the permanent denture is placed. 

Implant-retained or implant-supported dentures differ from their traditional counterparts. Instead of relying on the perfect fit (natural suction) or on products such as denture adhesive to hold the prosthetic in place, these systems rely on implants placed in the jaw. The implant functions like a tooth root, and it is designed to hold or “root” the denture in place. The design, in turn, mimics the structure of natural teeth. Implant-supported dentures are renowned for their strength, durability, comfort, and normal function. 

Pearl Dental Care does its best to make your dentures beautiful and comfortable. We do so by evaluating the fit of your dentures during routine checkups. Over time, tissues change. The denture may not conform as it once did. In turn, relining, rebasing, or repairs may be recommended to restore optimal fit.Further, our team can take conventional dentures and “retrofit” them with implants. For an immediate smile and quality of life boost, schedule an appointment to discuss your options. Serving communities throughout New Haven County, you can reach our Hamden team by calling (203) 285-8245.

Dentures at Pearl Dental Care - Drs. Gary and Scott Pearl

Dentures at Pearl Dental Care - Drs. Gary and Scott Pearl
You can get your smile complete with dentures. What are the different types of dentures available? Watch this video from Pearl Dental Care to learn more.

Hi, I’m Dr. Scott Pearl at Pearl Dental Care in Hamden, CT, and I would like to talk to you about Dentures.

What are dentures?

We truly feel that saving your teeth is the best option here at Pearl Dental Care. We go out of our way to save natural teeth.

But if the teeth cannot be saved, or if a patient doesn’t have teeth and they come to our office, we can talk about dentures.

What are the different types of dentures?

We make various kinds of dentures at Pearl Dental Care.

We can make fully completed dentures if the patient does not have any teeth, for either upper or lower teeth.

We make partial dentures for a patient who is missing some teeth.

And we make dentures that attach to implants.

Who is the ideal candidate for dentures?

I learned a great saying in dental school from one of my denture mentors that is;

“Dentures are not a replacement for teeth. They are a replacement for no teeth.”

That means we try to maintain and keep the patients’ natural teeth, but if all else fails or if the patient doesn’t have teeth, we can consider dentures.

It is not the best option, but it is a replacement for not having teeth at all.

Visit us at Pearl Dental Care, and let us help you look and feel great!

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