Cosmetic Dentistry Services Available at Pearl Dental Care

“Aesthetic” and terms like being “pleasing to the eye” or “attractive” are essentially interchangeable. At Pearl Dental Care in Hamden, Connecticut, we believe in unlocking each patient’s unique and natural beauty. This can be accomplished with highly tailored cosmetic dental services as well as with restorative services that give a nice cosmetic boost.

A healthy mouth shapes for a stunning smile!

Teeth and gums that are robust and disease-free generally have all the characteristics that add to a stunning smile. These characteristics include teeth that are free of pits or dark spots, are evenly spaced, and have smooth contours (free of chips and surface imperfections). Likewise, healthy gums hug the teeth and are not too red or swollen. They also “frame” the teeth attractively. 

Receding gums, which can signify gum disease, often show too much of the teeth. That results in teeth that appear out of proportion with the rest of the smile. Soft tissue can be “too gummy,” detracting from aesthetic balance and proportions. Cosmetic dental procedures can help!

Veneers before and after teeth - man


Before Dental Veneer Procedure:

The “Before” image showcases the patient’s teeth, which are visibly discolored and stained, have irregularities in shape, and are misaligned with gaps and chips.

After Dental Veneer Procedure:

The “After” image displays the patient’s transformed smile after undergoing a dental veneer procedure. The transformation is remarkable as the teeth have significantly improved in appearance. They are noticeably whiter, and their shape and alignment have been enhanced, resulting in a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing smile. 

When Javier came into our office to see Dr. Pearl, he was having confidence issues with his smile due to his teeth in the front, visible area of his “smile zone,” appearing smaller and gapped. With the help of dental crowns, we were able to improve the smile contours, and Javier walked away with a smile that he was thrilled to show off to others.

What services are available at Pearl Dental Care?

  • Composite bonding for the teeth. Drs. Gary and Scott Pearl and the team at Pearl Dental Care describe composite bonding as a resin material dentists use to restore teeth. This material is cured and polished to look just like natural tooth enamel, making it an excellent way to repair a chipped or cracked tooth. This material might also be used to cover up a gap between teeth or disguise a tooth with a slight imperfection. With composite resin bonding, patients can address an issue and maintain the results for several years before the restoration needs to be replaced. Composite bonding is placed directly onto the teeth unlike veneers which are made by a dental lab or Cerec. Composite bonding is a 1 visit procedure. Teeth can be widened, lengthened, and surface texture improved. 
  • Porcelain dental veneers. Drs. Gary and Scott Pearl highly recommend veneers for patients with imperfections at the front of the smile. These imperfections are covered with a custom-made ceramic facing bonded onto the tooth to disguise the specific concerns. This dramatically improves the smile’s appearance while effectively boosting a patient’s self-confidence. Veneers can be made of porcelain or lithium disilicate. Veneers allow for the best improvement because of the utmost control of shade, shape, and contour. Veneers are stronger than composite bonding and when bonded to tooth enamel are extremely difficult to remove by a dentist. If there are concerns of teeth grinding then veneers may be a better choice. For a full smile design case we usually recommend 8 veneers but each case is unique.
Snap-on smile before and after


Before Snap-On Smile Procedure:

The “Before” image shows the patient’s teeth, which are noticeably discolored and misaligned, have gaps between them, and exhibit prominent staining.

After Snap-On Smile Procedure:

The “After” image presents an amazing transformation following the Snap-On Smile procedure. The patient now exhibits a brilliant and symmetrical smile that exudes confidence. The custom-designed Snap-On Smile appliance fits snugly over the natural teeth, concealing imperfections and enhancing aesthetics. The teeth are now uniformly white, with no gaps, the misalignment is no longer visible, and the patient’s smile radiates a newfound vibrancy.

Where can I obtain a smile makeover near me?

Call Pearl Dental Care of Hamden, Connecticut, today to learn more about the options available for a smile makeover!

Our office is at 1834 Dixwell Avenue and can be reached by calling (203) 285-8245 to request an initial appointment with Dr. Gary Pearl or Dr. Scott Pearl.

Actual Patients Before & After Results