Advanced CBCT-assisted digital imaging supports accurate diagnostics, effective treatment

Pearl Dental Care is committed to the highest quality dentistry, provided within a comfortable environment and by a skilled and friendly team. Our father-son dentists, Drs Gary and Scott Pearl are supported in this mission by advanced technologies. They have invested in the latest systems to facilitate a pleasant experience at our Hamden, Connecticut office. 

Digital imaging, such as our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan, also aids in our dentists accurately detecting underlying or hidden oral problems. To effectively treat these conditions and resolve pain and other symptoms, we must have a clear understanding of the health and state of the teeth, gums, and related oral structures and tissues. Having an accurate diagnosis in hand allows us to develop treatment plans that quickly address the problem or condition. An attractive, healthy smile is restored. 

CBCT explained 

Cone beam computed tomography is designed to render images that are similar to conventional CT scans. However, CBCT is a “twist” on computed tomography scans. CBCT systems feature arms that rotate around patients 360 degrees. Due to the varied angles captured with these scans, you get a variety of perspectives and insights into the state of the oral cavity, neck, nose, ears, and throat. Additionally, many quality images at multiple angles are created with just one scan. 

Dental chair inside the pearl dentistry

The process itself is straightforward. It requires no special preparation. Since it is not invasive, patients’ comfort is maintained. We ask that you stand still while the arm makes its rotation and “scans.” You won’t stand for long, though, because your entire mouth and oral structures can be scanned in just 20 to 40 seconds. “Regional” scans, which are taken to create images of specific areas, are rendered within 10 seconds. Once these images are produced, a 3- dimensional “model” or digital reconstruction is made. This “big picture” of your oral and craniofacial anatomy is useful. It informs a defined understanding of the root cause and nature of your symptoms. 

Cone beam imaging has numerous uses at the dental office, including: 

  • For the precise placement of dental implants 
  • To aid in planning for orthodontic treatment 
  • For surgical planning, such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • To diagnose problems ranging from TMJ dysfunction to cavities
  • To support successful root canal treatment by identifying the likes of narrow canals
  • For the detection and measurement of oral and maxillofacial tumors 
  • To evaluate bony structures and how teeth are oriented 

At Pearl Dental Care, we are privileged to serve patients from throughout New Haven County, including North Haven, Woodbridge, East Haven, Cheshire, and Wallingford. Call (203) 285-8245 to schedule an appointment at our Hamden office.

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