We welcome patients with advanced and complex dental problems into our practice. Some patients have many simultaneous problems with their oral health including periodontal disease, infections, broken teeth, missing teeth, tooth wear and cavities. We consider complex dentistry to be when patients have many dental problems and need work on multiple areas of their mouth. If you live near Hamden, Connecticut, our father and son team at Pearl Dental Care encourages you to call for an appointment and start taking charge of your smile’s health with complex dentistry. From general dental care to complete smile restoration, Drs. Gary and Scott Pearl can assist!

Multidisciplinary Dental Care

Patients with advanced dental problems need a comprehensive treatment plan. We review your current dental condition with a comprehensive exam and with your input we develop a plan that works for you. Complex treatment plans often need to be completed in stages. For instance, infected teeth and gums need to be treated before cosmetic work can commence. Some cases may need a team of providers including our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Orthodontist. We can rebuild destroyed mouths utilizing our expertise in surgery, implants, endodontics, and prosthetics. There are always options for patients no matter how bad they think their mouths are.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Imagine coming to your appointment with no teeth or a mouth of disease and leaving with implants and fixed (not-removable) teeth. Some patients have so much dental damage that the only option is full mouth dental implants. At our office in Hamden we plan the treatment, take the cone beam imaging, place the implants, and insert the fixed denture or crowns. Dr. Scott Pearl works with his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and lab technician all under one roof to provide your complete care. Your life can be completely changed with full mouth implants.

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If you are seeking a family-friendly dental team in the Hamden, CT area that is committed to ensuring you have all the services you need to obtain beautiful and healthy smiles, look no further than our father and son team at Pearl Dental Care!

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